“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” ― L.M. Montgomery

Hello my lovelies~

I’ve been taking a long break from everything to ponder a lot about the fact whether I should give my boyfriend yet another chance or leave him for good.

After two months I realized that I haven’t been missing him like I did when he left for his business trip in Vietnam and this time I can’t find it in myself to forgive him nor will I ever be able to trust him with my heart again plus I also felt that our couple counselling sessions were the last chance to save our relationship!

The whole counselling clearly weren’t as effective on him as it was on me, so in the end I couldn’t really see the point in trying to fight for a relationship that was doomed from the start.

Hmmm… after I reached the decision to break it off with him I feel like I can breathe freely again for the first time in several months! I haven’t even cried much besides the first couple of days but that’s because I felt like I just got a band aid ripped off way to quick in the beginning and I cried because of my crushed dreams of our future together and of all the hurt I felt after he yet again accused me of cheating when I never have done so.

I really thought he was the one who was made for me… the one I would settle down with in a couple of years and start a family with! Honestly he’s the very first guy I ever pictured a future together with but our relationship clearly weren’t meant to be because my mom had our fortune told and it was said that if I ever married him I would have all the materialistic stuff I ever wanted but that I would be trapped in a marriage where I would be unhappy and crying all the time.

In hindsight it was probably a good thing we broke it off and for now I guess I’ll just stay single for a while and enjoy life fully without anybody holding me back and who knows maybe the next time I’ll be able to find my prince on the white horse?

Holding on is tough. Much tougher than letting go or simply quitting.

Hello my lovelies~

Lately there has been a lot going on in my life right now, so I haven’t been able to update my blog because of that.

Firstly, I’ve been a bit busy with the new semester at the University and all the deadlines we have right now due to various mini assignments and mini projects. Secondly, I’m currently taking a break from my boyfriend due to some of his issues. Finally, I’ve been a bit stressed out with the deadline for the students on 3rd semester who wants to study abroad.

Some of the things I noticed, before I took a break from my boyfriend, are that I had a period where I was constantly annoyed by him. It was like he couldn’t do anything right at all it ranged from doing the dishes to something simple like cleaning up after himself >_<!

It’s kind of funny that how people who didn’t even know we very well could see that I wasn’t happy at all in the period leading up to our break. Does this mean that we should break it off for good? I really don’t know because this isn’t the first time where we almost ended it and every time this happens it have something to do with his jealousy and insecurity… frankly I’m getting tired of forgiving him every time.

That is why I need this break right now to see if I can still trust him with my heart and not hurt me like the last couple of times.

Even though everybody tells me to leave him I still need to be 100% sure before I break it off for good or give him another chance because we have been together for two years after all not to mention that it’s a very difficult time for me right now with a lot of my friends getting engaged on Facebook and posting picture of their pregnancy…

That’s why I’m really looking forward to study abroad if my application gets through! Studying abroad will give me a break from it all not to mention that I’ll be surrounded by new people and a whole new environment! I really hope that will clear my head so I can make the right decision for me I have to put myself first since I was the one who was hurt continuously and not him!

The deadline is in October and then I’ll be spending four to five months abroad in South Korea. That means I’ll leave in the beginning of January and then I’ll be back again in Denmark in either April or May.

Hopefully my next post won’t be as gloomy…

A great day for a walk

Hello my lovelies~

Yesterday I spent some time together with my sister and it’s like after she moved out we’ve been spending more quality time together which I’m very happy about ^ – ^.

We took two of the dogs out for a walk my sister’s favorite Chaki and Plet our very first dog:


Plet on the left and Chaki on the right

It’s a not a current picture of the two of them but I don’t have any other pictures where they’re sitting together. I felt really bad for Chaki though during our walk because he’s fat now and it was so hot outside yesterday so it must have been incredible hard for him >_<.  My parents should really stop overfeeding him, but that’s Asian parents for you guys. They tend to show their love by overfeeding their kids and pets lol.

When we finally took a little break he puked on my sister’s leg, but it was kinda funny though because his puke looked like white foam xD. Here’s a picture collage I took from my sister’s instagram right before he decided to puke on her right leg!

Photo 27-07-13 20.20.25

But is that even normal? Hmm… I do hope that it’s normal and not some kind of syndrome for a doggy disease O___O!

After the impromptu break we decided to head back to our parents because Chaki looked exhausted while Plet still wanted to continue our walk. Right before we got back to the house we had to take a second break where we made sure the dogs got something to drink and a little snack for their good behavior during our walk. So while the two of them took a little break my sister and I decided to fool round and camwhore a bit. We decided to take a picture dedicated to our brother because he seems so fond of posing with his tongue out xD!

Photo 26-07-13 19.31.19

My Custom Made Ao Dai

Hello my lovelies~

I just finally got around to blog about my custom made Ao Dai, the Vietnamese traditional garment for women, my boyfriend ordered for my while he was on a business trip to Vietnam. He didn’t have my Ao Dai when he came back from his business trip because they couldn’t finish my garment in time for his departure, so he got his aunt to bring it with her when she arrived a month ago to visit my in-laws.

I was to be honest a little bit disappointed when I got it because I had wanted something along this:


But instead I got an Ao Dai that looks more along the lines of the Bridal version xD! Lol, maybe it’s a hint from my in-laws or something like that? But I’m only 23 and I’m not going to get married before I finish my university degree or at least finish my bachelor here in Denmark before I even will consider getting married >_<!

Photo 21-06-13 18.26.41

Overall I love my Ao Dai even though it wasn’t the one I really wanted and some of the work on it could have been better but it IS the thought behind the gift that counts o(^▽^)o! And I think I need to lose the 3 kg I gained before I can wear it comfortably since it was tailored for me when I weighed 50 kg xD!

Mini Pretty&Cute haul ❤

Hello my lovelies~

I just received my order from Pretty&Cute today and I’m really excited to try my new sunscreen protector from ElishaCoy 〜(^∇^〜)(〜^∇^)〜 !!!


I look forward to see if it’s worth the $ 22.80 (129 DKR) I paid for the product, but my first impression so far is that it’s an awful small package of 50 ml. Only time will tell if my money was well spent on the sunscreen, so now I’m just waiting for the weather to get better here in Denmark before I can review this product properly o(^▽^)o.

Besides the sunscreen I also ordered products I was running out of: Naruko makeup remover and Dolly Wink eyebrow mascara.

Work, work, work and even more work!

Hello my lovelies~

I’ve been neglecting my blog for quite some time and I always seem to do that when I’m stressed. You can call it a very bad habit of mine I need to work on >__>;;.


Hmm… but I’ll promise that I won’t be abandoning this blog for such a long time again! I will try to update more regular now that the exam period on my 2nd semester will be finished here next week and then it’s vacation time!!!! I’m really looking forward to that since I’ve been a bit stressed out because the coordination of the exams this semester was a mess. Talk about bad organising some of my written exams I had to do while I was doing another exam project o(*>д<)o! I just hope that next semester they’ll organise the exams much better or I’m going to lie down in a corner and die xD.

Home Sweet Home~

Hello my lovelies~

So I’ve been absent from my blog for a loong time! That’s because I’ve been a little bit stressed out by school right now, and I’ve been staying at my parents’ house for two weeks (−_−#)!

The reason I’ve been staying at my parents for the last two weeks is because my boyfriend has been away for a business trip, and I promised him that I would stay at their house until he would got back from his trip.

It’s so sweet that he’s scared that something would happen if I had to stay home alone with our dog. But I’m so happy that he’s back now! I really missed him and living at home in our apartment. I really hope that he doesn’t have to take another two week business trip soon >_<! Oh, he even bought me an extra present a Marc Jacobs perfume! He didn’t have to do that at all since he already ordered a tailored aoi dai for me!! He really is the best boyfriend I ever had *\(^o^)/*! Oh an aoi dai is a traditional dress for women in Vietnam.

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Well I really loved spending quality time with my parents but staying with them and eight dogs are really CHAOTIC! It’s seriously impossible to study when you have eight dogs trying to get your attention. I do love them all even though they drive me crazy sometimes xD.

Happy Valentine’s Day/Single Awareness Day~

Hello my lovelies~

Let me start off by wishing everybody a Happy Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day~ ♥.

Photo 14-02-13 20.46.45

I recently started my 2nd semester, and after two weeks I still haven’t gotten used to the work load or my new professors (−_−#)!  Of course the 2nd semester is not supposed to be as easy as the 1st semester but still this semester sucks! I’m pretty nervous about my exams because the 1st semester we were speaking in Danish, my mother language, and now we have to speak English instead of Danish O___O. Well it’s not because my English is horrible or so I’ve been told, but still I can’t help but be a bit worried!

Now I’m lying on my bed relaxing a bit I just got home from my Valentine’s dinner with my boyfriend. OMG I feel so sleepy right now, but I suppose that’s only normal when you get a delicious three course dinner menu xD? After the entrée I really had to struggle my way through the main course and when they served the dessert I had to prioritise what I wanted to eat the most TT^TT! Maybe I should just stick to a two course dinner menu (−__− ; )?

Well I’m gonna end this post here because I’m getting terribly sleepy after all the food xD

Guild Wars 2


Hello my lovelies~

So I just bought Guild Wars 2 last week and so far I LOVE the game! It is seriously one of the best MMORPGs I’ve ever tried and the best thing about Guild Wars 2 is that there’s no monthly subscription fee (⌒▽⌒)! That’s so frickin’ epic but enough of the praising, raving and rating about the sheer awesomeness of the game and let’s talk a little about the game.

Guild Wars 2 takes place in the world of Tyria and consists of three continents: Tyria, Cantha and Elona. I don’t know if you are able to access the two other continents later in the game but in Guild Wars 2 you start on the continent of Tyria.


Continent of Tyria

Depending on which race you choose to play as you start in a different area. There are five races in Tyria that you can choose between: Asura, Sylvari, Human, Norn and Charr. My favourite races so far are the humans and sylvar but I was really disappointed with the sylvari race!

There’s not really much to choose between when you enter the character creation for the sylvari especially the hair! I admit freely that I’m very vain when it comes to my avatars it really bothers me when my avatars are ugly (>_<)!

Not to mention that the sylvari race doesn’t start with their cultural armor but the same armor as the other races which quite frankly SUCKS! Whereas the sylvari character creation is very limited in choices the human race has a lot of more options to choose between regarding their character creation.


From left to right: Sylvari, asura, Norn, Human and Charr

One of the best aspect of Guild Wars 2 is the exploration part! Seriously I love to explore in a game and with Guild Wars 2 it’s absolutely crazy! There is SO MUCH to do and to get a 100% completion of an area you really have to look in every nook and cranny to achieve that or you could miss a task, a point of interest, a vistas or even a skill challenge (−_−#)!

So far I’m really loving the game but maybe my opinion will be changed as I further progress in the game? Who knows only time will tell~